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Bolthouse Farms Botulism Lawsuits
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One of the largest botulism outbreaks in the United States occurred in 2006 when three people became ill and one died after consuming botulism-contaminated Bolthouse Farms Carrot Juice. This outbreak also caused two cases of botulism in Canada whereby a couple in Toronto nearly died after suffering major complications caused by the botulism toxin. All of the victims were hospitalized for several months and were dependent on mechanical ventilators to sustain basic breathing function. In December 2008, two years after contracting the botulism bacteria, one victim was still hospitalized and two were receiving ventilator treatments. In order to hold Bolthouse Farms responsible for their suffering, several victims filed botulism lawsuits seeking monetary compensation.

Carrot Juice Botulism Outbreak

In September 2006, the FDA issued a warning not to consume Bolthouse Farms Carrot Juice and to discard any juice products made by this company. The agency deemed the products dangerous due to several cases of botulism in Georgia and Florida that had been linked to the unpasteurized carrot juice made by Bolthouse Farms. Soon, two additional cases were discovered in Canada, where two residents of Toronto suffered lengthy comas and paralysis after drinking the Bolthouse Farms carrot juice. The Canadian couple nearly died because the connection between the contaminated carrot juice and their illness was not discovered until several weeks after they were hospitalized.

Bolthouse Farms Botulism Lawsuits

After recovering, the Canadian couple, Susanna Chen and Andy Valy, filed a lawsuit against Bolthouse Farms seeking compensation for their medical expenses, extensive physical therapy, lost wages and diminished lifestyle. The couple alleges that Bolthouse Farms acted negligently by marketing a product that was harmful to consumers. After initiating a lawsuit in Canada, the couple also brought forth a Bolthouse Farms lawsuit in the United States. With several other personal injury lawsuits arising from consumption of the tainted carrot juice, Bolthouse Farms could potentially be compelled to provide victims with substantial compensation.

Botulism Litigation

Botulism is a rare but extremely dangerous disease that can lead to death if proper treatment is not provided. Some of the first symptoms of botulism food poisoning include blurred speech, double vision, fatigue and difficulty swallowing. Patients might also notice gradual muscle paralysis that begins in the neck and shoulder area and moves downwards to the arms, lower back, hips and legs. If the lung muscles become paralyzed, botulism victims experience difficulty breathing, which can lead to respiratory arrest if the individual is not put on a mechanical ventilator. Even with appropriate treatment, complete recovery after botulism takes several months, or even years. Victims often require extensive rehabilitation and physical therapy to regain full function of all muscle groups.

Botulism Legal Help

Recognizing that botulism is often caused by improperly manufactured and/or handled food products, the law offices of Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz are dedicated to helping botulism victims hold those responsible for their suffering financially liable. If you suspect that your illness or the disease of your loved one was caused by a botulism-tainted product, contact AWKO Law at (888) 255-2956 to discuss your case and determine if compensation might be available. The lawyers of Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz have many years' experience negotiating and litigating food poisoning cases involving botulism, salmonella, E. coli, campylobacter and shigella, and they can help you advance your legal rights.


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